Hallow NDP Regulation 16 Consultation now live

Hallow NDP will begin Regulation 16 consultation on January 15 up until February 26 2021.


You can find further information, including the submitted Hallow Neighbourhood Plan, supporting documentation and Response Forms, are available on the Malvern Hills District Council website here.

Please return response forms to Malvern Hills District Council.

Hallow Neighbourhood Development Regulation 14 Consultation is now running

Hallow Parish Council and Hallow NDP Steering Group offer the Hallow Neighbourhood Development Plan for Regulation 14 consultation

The Consultation will run from June 15th to August 8th 2020 – 8 weeks in total to allow for Covid 19 restrictions.  Please return your comment form by 5pm August 8th 2020.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan and supporting documents can be found here:

Hallow Neighbourhood Development Plan REG 14 version 09.06.20

Hallow NDP Reg 14 Policies Map

Hallow Parish profile

Hallow NDP Community Survey report

Hallow Business Survey

Hallow Housing Needs Survey

Built Environment and Heritage Asset Walkabout Methodology

Green spaces and Views methodology

Historic Search for Hallow final 12 June 2019

Non-designated heritage assets nominations for Local List folder

Hallow Parish Neighbourhood Plan biological evidence base V3

Significant Trees folder and map

Flooding Risk Information

Hallow Site Assessment Report AECOM

SWDPRev Site assessment report

Hallow Design Guide

SEA HRA Screening Opinion MHDC

Climate Change guidance


If you would like to comment, please download the Comment Form here. Please send your completed form to: hallowparishcouncil@gmail.com

A paper copy of the Neighbourhood Development Plan and/or the comment form can be obtained from the Clerk:

Clerk to Hallow Parish Council on 07973 395 361

You can post or return your form by hand to: Clerk, 18 Oakleigh Heath, Hallow, WR2 6NQ.

You may request a telephone call or a ZOOM conference with the NDP lead Councillor to discuss any issues by contacting the Clerk to Hallow Parish Council on 07973 395 361.

Progress on NDP – Delay to Regulation 14 Consultation due to Covid-19

We were expecting to arrange Regulation 14 formal consultation in the near future, but at present this has been postponed due to Covid 19 government restrictions.  This consultation is a FORMAL one unlike the previous informal events seeking village views and sharing our ideas and policies.  Regulation 14 as it is known is a legal requirement and the law states:

Before submitting a plan proposal to the local planning authority, a qualifying body must: 

a) publicise, in a manner that is likely to bring it to the attention of people who live, work or carry on business in the neighbourhood area—

(i)details of the proposals for a neighbourhood development plan;

(ii)details of where and when the proposals for a neighbourhood development plan may be inspected;

(iii)details of how to make representations; and

(iv)the date by which those representations must be received, being not less than 6 weeks from the date on which the draft proposal is first publicised;

(b) consult any consultation body referred to in paragraph 1 of Schedule 1 whose interests the qualifying body considers may be affected by the proposals for a neighbourhood development plan; and

(c) send a copy of the proposals for a neighbourhood development plan to the local planning authority.


Reg 14 is when the draft plan is tested by interested parties and key stakeholders, and where amendments are made, and responses to the formal comments are also published.  In effect, this is when the Neighbourhood Development Plan starts to “get real”.  After this hurdle, we then proceed to Regulation 16, this is when Malvern Hills District Council publicise the plan asking for final comments.  After this, we can proceed to examination by an Independent Examiner – the timeline for this is currently under review due to Covid 19 restrictions on public consultations.

Hallow Parish Council has signed a Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to work together with Malvern Hills District Council and to progress our NDP alongside the revision to the South Worcestershire Development Plan.  The Memo agrees to provide a site for housing via the NDP for inclusion in the revised SWDP.  At present this is expected to be an extension to the current site in Greenhill Lane (SWDP 2016 allocated site), and at present is targeted for at least 40 houses (this will be in addition to the 33 currently allocated to Greenhill Lane opposite the Ladygo shop).  Sites were reviewed with villagers at 5 public events in October-November 2019.

At present Hallow NDP covers:

  1. Policies on landscape and green spaces, and key views.
  2. Housing site allocation (presently Greenhill Lane extension).
  3. Policies on heritage assets and archaeological assets for protection; and Design Guidance for new development.
  4. Policies on community facilities.

The full draft will shortly be available the Hallow NDP website.

For more information please contact Hazel Kemshall                   hazelkemshall@gmail.com  01905 641 632

Public Information Events on Housing Sites in Hallow

October 25-30th 2019

Despite very poor weather and the alternative attraction of World Rugby, the events saw a steady stream of people taking time and trouble to leave helpful comments and responses about draft policies, greenspaces and views, and the two preferred site options.

The two housing site options are:

Option 1

Land south of Tinkers Coppice Farm, lying between Heath Close and Greenhill Lane.  Only the front area of site to be used, and site not to extend into open countryside.  Capacity expected to be approximately 49.  Malvern Hills District Council preferred option under SWDP Revision ‘preferred options consultation’.

Click here for more information on this site.

Option 2

Extension to the current allocation south of Greenhill Lane shown on map below as Phase 2 (19/00561/FUL), using the field behind labelled as PHASE 3. Expected capacity approximately 40. The map shows the required Health and Safety Executive safety zone in respect of the gas pipe, and the use of Green Space within the site.

Click here for more information on this site.

If you would like to comment on either site or express a preference, please scroll down to find our response form.

This item is NOT a formal consultation, but continues the recent public information events on housing sites and enables those parishioners who were unable to attend the events to express a view or to comment. 

Draft Policies

Click here for Hallow NDP draft policies.  Policies on green spaces, important views, built heritage and historical assets are all presented, along with housing policies.

If you would like to comment on the draft policies, please scroll down to find our response form.

Response form

In order to prevent multiple responses from the same source you are required to provide your name and address.  Your personal information will be treated in line with GDPR and Data Protection requirements, and will be deleted once your response form has been processed.

Comments are invited up to November 28th  2019

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Annual Parish Meeting Update – 30 May 2019

A short update on progress was given by Cllr Kemshall covering:

  • work on landscape character and the bio diversity report commissioned from Worcester County Council
  • the work on heritage assets and the report commissioned from Worcester County Counil
  • the ongoing work by AECOM assessing the 15 sites offered for development in Hallow  (paid for by Locality)
  • the ongoing work by AECOM drawing up a character assessment of the village and a design code (paid for by Locality).

Cllr Kemshall reported that Hallow Parish Council had now commissioned Kirkwells for consultancy under the Locality Grant scheme.

The presentation can be viewed here.

AECOM start work in Hallow

AECOM visited Hallow on April 4th to commence the site assessment and design code work which will be progressed in parallel.  The expected time line is 12 weeks for production of draft reports.

It is anticipated that further public information events to present site information and site assessment, and design code suggestions to the parish will take place no later than September 2019.  Parishioners will be informed by leaflets, parish magazine and NDP website.

Applications for Technical Support Grant Successful!

The NDP Steering Group has been successful in securing the grant funded services of AECOM, a large planning company who assist with the technical work required by Neighbourhood Development plans.

AECOM are going to produce a Design Code for Hallow which will be used when designing and considering planning applications for future housing.
This service is completely free to the Parish.

In addition, we have also received a technical support grant to use AECOM to assist in site assessment and selection for housing covering the period 3031 to 2041. This service is completely free and incurs no costs to the village. Once we have a clearer picture of potential site or sites public information events will be held to gain villagers comment and input.

If you require any further information please contact Hazel Kemshall: 641 632,

Hallow NDP will assess and select sites for housing

At the January 14th meeting, Hallow Parish Council agreed a process for assessing Hallow sites recently offered to Malvern Hills District Council.  As we are producing an NDP we can complete site assessment and site selection locally rather than have MHDC do it.

Once site assessment has been completed, public information events will be held for the village to input and comment on sites identified with a view to including a site or sites in the NDP to accommodate housing in the period 2031-2042.  Discussions with MHDC on the number of houses for this additional period is ongoing and an update will be provided as soon as possible.  

If you require further information please contact: Hazel Kemshall, 01905 641 632, hazelkemshall@gmail.com  

NDP Public Information Events Sept/Oct 2018

A total of 111 people came to the events to view the results of the survey and to comment on draft policies.  A big thank you to those who took the time and trouble to come and speak with us.  Your comments and feedback indicated your support for the policies outlined and the main areas the Steering Group wantthe Neighbourhood Development Plan to address. The SG will now begin drafting the report for further formal consultation in early 2019.  Thank you to the Parish Hall, the Church and the School for hosting the events and to those volunteers who helped on the event days.