Public Information Events on Housing Sites in Hallow

October 25-30th 2019

Despite very poor weather and the alternative attraction of World Rugby, the events saw a steady stream of people taking time and trouble to leave helpful comments and responses about draft policies, greenspaces and views, and the two preferred site options.

The two housing site options are:

Option 1

Land south of Tinkers Coppice Farm, lying between Heath Close and Greenhill Lane.  Only the front area of site to be used, and site not to extend into open countryside.  Capacity expected to be approximately 49.  Malvern Hills District Council preferred option under SWDP Revision ‘preferred options consultation’.

Click here for more information on this site.

Option 2

Extension to the current allocation south of Greenhill Lane shown on map below as Phase 2 (19/00561/FUL), using the field behind labelled as PHASE 3. Expected capacity approximately 40. The map shows the required Health and Safety Executive safety zone in respect of the gas pipe, and the use of Green Space within the site.

Click here for more information on this site.

If you would like to comment on either site or express a preference, please scroll down to find our response form.

This item is NOT a formal consultation, but continues the recent public information events on housing sites and enables those parishioners who were unable to attend the events to express a view or to comment. 

Draft Policies

Click here for Hallow NDP draft policies.  Policies on green spaces, important views, built heritage and historical assets are all presented, along with housing policies.

If you would like to comment on the draft policies, please scroll down to find our response form.

Response form

In order to prevent multiple responses from the same source you are required to provide your name and address.  Your personal information will be treated in line with GDPR and Data Protection requirements, and will be deleted once your response form has been processed.

Comments are invited up to November 28th  2019

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