Hallow Neighbourhood Development Regulation 14 Consultation is now running

Hallow Parish Council and Hallow NDP Steering Group offer the Hallow Neighbourhood Development Plan for Regulation 14 consultation

The Consultation will run from June 15th to August 8th 2020 – 8 weeks in total to allow for Covid 19 restrictions.  Please return your comment form by 5pm August 8th 2020.

The Neighbourhood Development Plan and supporting documents can be found here:

Hallow Neighbourhood Development Plan REG 14 version 09.06.20

Hallow NDP Reg 14 Policies Map

Hallow Parish profile

Hallow NDP Community Survey report

Hallow Business Survey

Hallow Housing Needs Survey

Built Environment and Heritage Asset Walkabout Methodology

Green spaces and Views methodology

Historic Search for Hallow final 12 June 2019

Non-designated heritage assets nominations for Local List folder

Hallow Parish Neighbourhood Plan biological evidence base V3

Significant Trees folder and map

Flooding Risk Information

Hallow Site Assessment Report AECOM

SWDPRev Site assessment report

Hallow Design Guide

SEA HRA Screening Opinion MHDC

Climate Change guidance


If you would like to comment, please download the Comment Form here. Please send your completed form to: hallowparishcouncil@gmail.com

A paper copy of the Neighbourhood Development Plan and/or the comment form can be obtained from the Clerk:

Clerk to Hallow Parish Council on 07973 395 361

You can post or return your form by hand to: Clerk, 18 Oakleigh Heath, Hallow, WR2 6NQ.

You may request a telephone call or a ZOOM conference with the NDP lead Councillor to discuss any issues by contacting the Clerk to Hallow Parish Council on 07973 395 361.