NDP Information Events

Please see our events calendar for details of the NDP Information Events.

Why is it important that you join the next events?

  • The policies in the NDP must be rooted in what the village wants and will support.
  • The NDP has weight in the planning process and in future development applications. It is important that the NDP has the right policies to do the best for Hallow as a whole.
  • Given recent government housing targets for Malvern Hills, future development in our District is inevitable.
  • It is important that the village takes all the means available to it to actively influence the development process.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Hallow Country Fair

The NDP Steering Group hosted a display stand at this year’s Hallow Country Fair, the biggest village event of the year attracting hundreds of visitors. It was pleasing to see so many villagers at the stand, to give out information to you and answer questions. A special thanks to those who took the opportunity to return completed resident questionnaires on the day.  The display focused on ‘What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan’, recent government housing targets and the possible implication for Malvern Hills District, and the ongoing work of the NDP Steering Group.

Do you run a business located in Hallow?

Our business survey has now closed. Thank you to all those who provided their views.

The Neighbourhood Plan is not just about housing. It can also address infrastructure issues ranging from good roads for access, to high speed broadband, which can have an important bearing on the health of local businesses.  It is very important that you contribute your business point of view so that local business needs as a whole are well represented in this Plan.

Public Information Evenings

Public information drop in sessions were held on February 24 and 26, March 4, March 11thand March 16th2018.  Despite snow and cold weather, local residents joined volunteers from the steering group to discuss the key issues for the Neighbourhood Development Plan.  Members of the public gave their opinions about the issues they feel face the future of Hallow.

228 visitors were welcomed, and the information that was gained is now being analysed to direct the next steps for the NDP, in particular to draw up a questionnaire survey to be distributed to each household in Hallow.  This will be distributed late April/early May 2018.

The NDP steering group is grateful to Hallow School, the Parish Hall, St Phillip and St James’s Church, and the Scout Hut for hosting these events.


Welcome to Hallow NDP

Hallow NDP Steering Group welcomes you to their website, where you can find out more about Neighbourhood Development Plans, our work, upcoming events and how you can get involved.

What has been done so far?

The Steering Group has:

Established working groups of volunteers to progress key areas of work on:

  • housing and land use
  • identifying important green and open spaces around the village
  • identifying historical buildings and historical assets
  • identifying the key characteristics of Hallow and its landscape and built environment
  • transport issues
  • the range of leisure facilities available in the village and future requirements.

Carried out a ‘walkabout’ with 26 volunteers to identify the key characteristics of the historical and built environment of Hallow. This is important if we are to influence the look and design of future developments. We all know what we like to look at and value in Hallow, and what we think gives our village its unique character. NDPs can provide policies to protect, where possible, the ‘look of the village’.

Identified a number of green and open spaces for protection.

Reviewed current local and national housing policies and the implications for Hallow.

Advised Hallow Parish Council on the appointment of consultants.

Hallow Parish Council have agreed to appoint Data Orchard consultants to assist with the
formulation of the plan.