About NDPs

What is a Neighbourhood Development Plan?

A Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is a community’s opportunity to shape development in their area. These developments might be in housing, in business and employment, in access to leisure facilities. An NDP can provide protection for our green and open spaces, and for our historical assets, important buildings and features of the village.

“Neighbourhood Development Plans can: Choose where new homes, shops and offices should be built, and have a say on what those new buildings should look like. Neighbourhood Plans can be detailed or general, depending what local people want. A Neighbourhood Plan must conform with the overall strategy of the Local Plan – the South Worcestershire Development Plan (SWDP).

A Neighbourhood Plan can be used to promote more development than is set out in the SWDP but should not promote less development. Once a Neighbourhood Plan is “made”  and adopted, it will become part of the Development Plan for Malvern Hills District”.

Malvern Hills District Council Neighbourhood Planning Guidance

Further information is available at: UK Government Neighbourhood Planning Guidance

Is it worth doing a Neighbourhood Plan?

An NDP is community led and allows everyone to express their views about how Hallow will look and function in the future.

It allows us to set priorities for land use, and once adopted, the plan must be considered in planning applications.

Hallow is defined as a ‘Category One’ village in relation to planning, which means we have local amenities such as shops, a village hall, school.

We had 4 sites specified for future development in the 2016 South Worcestershire Development Plan (information supplied MHDC Nov, 2017).

The South Worcestershire Development Plan may require more sites here in the next development phase, which is likely to begin in the early 2020s.

We could just accept what comes or we can influence what happens by saying what we would like in our neighbourhood development plan.

How do we make a Plan?

Hallow Parish Council agreed to progress an NDP at the June 2017 meeting and set up the NDP Steering Group. A Neighbourhood Development Plan must be community led by the residents with the NDP Steering Group acting as co-ordinators.

We need help from all members of Hallow community to identify what to include in the plan. There will be opportunities to express views at the public information events, and most importantly by participating in a questionnaire later in Spring 2018.

Doing an NDP is a formal process and it is likely to take at least two years. Everyone on the electoral register will have the right to approve or disapprove the proposed plan at a referendum. Over 50% of those who vote need to agree before a plan can be accepted.