Significant Trees

1 Village Green Oak
2 Church Field Oak
3 Church Field Oak
4 Old Churchyard Giant Redwood
5 Field North of Moseley Road Oaks
5a Pinch marker Oak
5b Pinch marker Oak 2
6 Black Poplar
7a Oak by Severn
7b Oak by Severn
7c Oak by Severn
9a Brum Oak
9b and 9c Oaks
10 Oak nr Spindlewood
11 Heath Close Oak
12a to 12e Heath Close row of Limes
13 Hallow Park Drive Lime Trees
14a and 14b Black Pines
15 Oak at bottom of Fish Path
16 Scots Pines in garden of Worcester Gate
17 Oak near Laugherne Brook
18a Oak in field
18b Oak in field
18c Oak in field
19a Oak FP entrance to rec
19b Rec South Lime
19c Rec West Plane